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His steady hands, clumsy and slow in the huge metal-woven gloves, were spinning the rusty wheel of the bunker-like construction. The suit had been dosing him with the appropriate amount of adrenaline and artificial nutrients, preventing him from ever tiring, yet his breathing was slow and heavy.

“What’s taking so long?” – asked his redhead assistant, also in a space suit – the more expensive and excessively complicated one, covered in girly patterns and soft comforting colors. Rookie.

“Shut up, Sheila. I’m working.” – he said.

Sheila made a pouty grimace, but nobody saw it past her UV-protected helmet. Nobody watched, anyway. She wasn’t really offended though – getting in people’s way was was her method of making an imprint on the world.

Finally, something in the ancient mechanism started crackling. The old metal door creaked open, revealing nothing. Chaotic flashlight beams pierced the empty space as the team set out into the darkness.

“Okay, guys. Scanner says there’s still an atmosphere down here, we can take of the helmets” – he followed his own instructions without waiting for a response. Usually collected, he now resembled a little boy before Christmas – scurrying around, setting up equipment, helping the others do their job. – “Contact the base. Tell them we’re in.”

His words were hard to believe. The place had been sealed off for five thousand years, not a single atom coming in or out, not a single man making it here alive. And now, the first successful manned mission here. They were the first.

Slowly, the shock passed. Realization of the team’s success – imagined so many times before – began chaining through the people. Silence was replaced by the roar of everyone’s childhood dreams coming true. Forgetting about the weight of the suits and crates, the explorers started clapping, hugging, dancing, laughing, crying… Nobody had believed they could do it.

Nobody had believed they could unseal Serpantera’s Blog.


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  1. Well, I guess this was my super-dramatic way of saying “Long time no see”.

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