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Crumple, crumple — said the branches under her feet.

Rustle, rustle — said the leaves as she pushed them aside.

Howl, howl — cried the wind far away.


She had been here thousands of times, alone. Speaking to the leaves and the air. Forgetting herself in the forest when there was no other place left.

She swam in the light and danced through the trees, and she felt as if she was not herself. There was no point in sadness, even though the blood had not yet washed off her face.

Deeper, deeper she went into the forest. Further, further she went into her mind. The shade gathered around her, welcoming, as a friend does in memories. She did not feel the cold.

She ran, and everything ran around her. She stopped, and everything stopped around her. Even the air.

She opened her eyes. It was dark now. The sky was looking at her with a million eyes, and she looked back, and smiled.

The feathers embraced her as she sank into them, tired. This was going to be her home, just for tonight. Her soft, warm bed.

Sleep, sleep – said the trees.

Breathe, breathe – said the leaves.

Howl, howl – cried the wind.


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